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Friday 21st of November 2014

AFC Urmston Meadowside

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When Saturday Comes - A Life With the Meadows

When Saturday Comes - A Life With the Meadows


Below is a copy of an article prepared by one of our wonderful touchline supporters, Thank you.

It describe the emotions felt by our supporters as Saturday morning approaches.

When Saturday Comes - A Life With the Meadows

There was a time when Saturday mornings meant lie-ins, lazy breakfasts and cutting the lawn – and in any old order at that. Now, it’s text messages, SAT-navs and tracksuits. Another morning, another fixture for Urmston Meadowside Vikings.

Now lie-ins aren’t particularly exciting, lazy breakfasts seem to lack purpose and as for cutting the lawn – well I ask you! But a morning out with Urmston Vikings makes up for all the shortcomings of life pre-Meds.

For over two years, I’ve watched my lad grow in every way. Two years ago, he wandered onto the fields round the back of Flixton House knowing no one but wanting to be part of something. In his own mind he was Christiano Ronaldo already, he just needed a Manchester United and Alex Ferguson to find him. Well, for Manchester United read Urmston Meds and for Alex read Rob.

Two years later, and who is he now? Well, Ronaldo has long since left the Old Trafford books, but Urmston Meds Vikings still go on strong. He’s learnt skills, he’s learnt to be part of a team, he’s learnt responsibility, he’s learnt how to appreciate and to be appreciated. He’s learnt that life isn’t always easy but there’s always a tomorrow and he’s learning that if you want something, you’ve got to really, really want it. And he does.

And when Saturday comes, he gets excited. It doesn’t matter what happened last week. That was then, this is now. And I get excited too. The rollercoaster of emotions that ebbs and flows during a Meds game is intoxicating. The only time I ever felt that way before about football was during the 1999 European Cup Final. And I don’t just see my lad anymore, I see a team that has grown together and been nurtured together. I see nine other lads (and a lass) who have all been on the same journey. They’re all taller, all stronger, all more complete people as a result of the Vikings and because of Rob and Rob.

On the touchline there’s the banter, there’s the shouting, the ooos and the aahs, there’s the passion and the pride. But more than anything else, there’s the commitment. The same people watch their children at every match, at every practice session. We live every kick, tackle, save and throw-in with them. We never miss a beat – we don’t want to. The commitment that the parents (and grandparents) have shown are an example for others and an expectation for our children. It’s been snowy, windy, soaking and sunny. Dylan was right when he said ‘You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows’ – you just need to be a Urmston Meds parent.

So what will next week bring? Another text, another training session in deepest darkest Salford, another £2.50 from a rather sheepish Rob, another Rob with no voice, another post code punched into the Sat-Nav. You know it, I know it, we all know it. But it’ll also bring another chance to show how much these children have grown, another chance to compete, another chance to encourage each others team-mates, another opportunity to cheer not only your child but 10 others too, another morning that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Thank you to all of you who make Saturdays what they are.

All of your comments are very much appreciated by both Rob and myself, and if anyone has articles that they would like to share with the Vikings, but would like to remain anonymous, please feel free to send them to me and I will gladly add them to the forum on your behalf. It would be great to hear how more of our supporters feel about the VIKINGS progress.

Thank you ALL for the wonderful support you all give.

Rob Watson
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Re: When Saturday Comes - A Life With the Meadows


Brilliant, funny, touching and quite unexpected!

We've had some ups and downs in the short life of the Vikings so far, and I'm looking forward to many more in the years to come, both as manager and as a player's parent.

Don't tell anyone, but when I read the article I had "a bit of a moment".

Sincere thanks to the writer - whoever you are.

Rob Hatcliffe

Meds U10 Vikings Manager

Rob Hatcliffe
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